WiFi interference from Bridge

  • 30 November 2018
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I have had no end of problems with my household WiFi. Every few days I have had to reset the router. WiFi speed is either good, or non existent, varying between the two constantly. Connections to iPads and phones etc drop continually, people cannot stream, messages don’t get through and so on. For a long time I’ve always assumed it to be interference from neighbours signals, despite living in a detached house, so I’ve gone through changing channels every so often. I’ve never found a solution. However while on the phone to my isp (Plusnet) venting anger as usual, the tech support guy asked me to describe where the router was and what was next to it. As usual, I said I’ve put my DECT phone over a metre away, I’ve put all other electronics in the area as far away as possible. And so on. Finally I said, the only thing connected nearby that’s another wireless device is my Sonos Bridge. The WiFi is on channel 11, sonos on ch 1. He asked if I could make do without the bridge for a couple of days, just to see. Not thinking this would achieve anything, I switched it off. There was a dramatic and immediate improvement. We have not had any issues with the WiFi since.

So what’s going on? I thought the bridge was supposed to be connected to the router and could work independently of the household WiFi building a discrete and separate mesh network alongside? Have the two been fighting each other for years?

I have since provided my PlayBar in the lounge with a wired connection (this is over 10m away from the router) and the system seems to have reconfigured itself and it working well as far as I can tell.

Any advice? Should I just junk the Bridge now that the system is stable? What’s the point of it?

Diagnostic 1032171155

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2 replies

Dude, same thing happened to me yesterday. I've been having connectivity issues with my bedroom speaker. I was told it was interference. The Bridge which I purchased years ago may be the culprit. Unplugged it, set everything to work on Wifi connection, and it started working great. HOWEVER, bedroom speaker is still dropping out, BUT reconnecting. It's not completely disconnecting like it once was.

Following this thread in case some new tips come from it.
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Hi David Croxson

Sometimes the SonosNet created by a Bridge or Boost may cause interference with a Wi-Fi signal. The standard remedy(ies) is to change the channel for the Bridge and/or router Wi-Fi and move them as far apart as possible as you did. However, what is peculiar is that you are now in Boost mode again using your Playbar creating the SonosNet. The only difference being it's 10M away.:?

On the surface that just suggests that you ran a 10M Ethernet cable between your router and the Playbar. You created distance that resolved the issue. So before you trash the Bridge try placing it where the Playbar is located to see if the issues resurface. If they do then replace the trash the Bridge and replace it with a Sonos Boost module. BTW if I missed something regarding your Playbar being wired please let me know.

Question: Are you using your ISP's modem/router combo unit in conjunction with your personal router? Here in the USA I have Google Fiber as my ISP and they provide a router/modem combo unit. As I prefer to use my own router I have two options:

1. Place my router in bridge mode
2. Turn the Wi-Fi off in my ISP provided router/modem combo

I chose the latter. My point being is that if you are in a similar environment the options to use your own router (without conflict) is one of the two I mentioned. As you submitted a diagnostic Sonos may come up with a different solution.

Hint: This is a busy time of year for Sonos. You may be waiting quite a while for a response through the forum. Suggest you call Sonos or work via Twitter. The response will be faster. Good Luck!