Whate is the upgrade "rate" for a Connect?

  • 21 November 2020
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We currently have Sonos in 4 rooms: a Connect linking the main HiFi and TV, and single speakers in 3 other rooms:

  • Bathroom: Play:1
  • Kitchen: One
  • Bedroom: Ikea Symfonisk lamp.

We’re thinking of getting an Amp for another room where there already some speakers working off a small amplifier, not linked to Sonos.

When I look at our “upgrade” options: we’re offered 15% on each of our 2 oldest devices.

2 questions:

  • I thought there was a 30% upgrade on the Connect - why is ours different?
  • Can the two 15% discounts be used on a single product?

4 replies

Perhaps your Connect is a gen 2? Legacy products which are only able to run S1 are eligible for 30%; those compatible with S2 appear to qualify for 15%.

Discounts usually can’t be combined.



Well, I haven’t tried running S2, since I thought neither the Play:1 nor the Connect were supported, and there seemed no advantage in changing from S1.

The Play:1 was bought in (I think) 2013, the Connect was next (2014 or 2015). How can I tell if it’s Gen 2?

Sorry if that’s a stupid question!


Play:1 is S2 compatible.

Connect gen 1 prior to 2015 is only S1. Gen 2 from 2015 is S2 compatible. On the underside of the unit there should be a YYMM of manufacture in front of the serial number. The other way to check is to visit and/or


Thanks - very helpful.