what configuration is best for a certain room size

  • 26 December 2017
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Looking for right set up for my old house- have a 18 x 35 living/Parlor room with 12’ 6” ceilings and lots of windows... what configuration is best?

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5 replies

Depends on what kind of music you listen to, how your ears work, and what your budget allows. i.e. it's hard for any of us to tell you what the "best" configuration is for you.

You also haven't specified if you want the speakers to work with a TV set or not.

If it's just music, I'd probably start with a pair of PLAY:5 gen 2s. Then I'd add a SUB, which would flesh out the bottom range. The PLAY:5s have great bass on their own, you won't lack with just them. But the SUB adds some extra punch.

If it's not just music, then I'd probably go with the standard 5.1 setup, a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, with a SUB, and a pair of PLAY:1s for surround purposes. When playing music, you can change the PLAY:1s to be full music, rather than just ambient in the controller app, and they do admirably well with the PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE and SUB.
Thanks- no TV- variety of music styles...from classical to Dave Matthews...not a heavily used room- but we have parties - dining and seating in there..a long Parlor
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For that size room I would probably go 2 Play:5s or 4 Play:1s with a Sub (that would be pretty awesome).

If you like a lot of low end the Sonos sub is pretty impressive. So even 2 Play:5s with Sub would be pretty darn good.

I guess the 2 Play:5's if you want a more true stereo soundstage and 4 Play:1s if you want a more non-direction room filling experience.
I would go with multiple play 1 units that can fill the space with music at the same sound levels; that solves the problem of music being too loud close to a speaker/s in one part of a large room for it to be heard well in distant parts.

Add to that the price reductions now in place for the 1 units - 30% discounts - that make this a no brainer. Four units for the price of one play 5...

Set up two stereo pairs at opposing ends of the room for usual listening in smaller parts of the space and group both pairs together for parties - something you can do if you get four units.

The Sub is a good add, but expensive and it can be deferred.
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Play:1s are a good bargain right now.