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  • 6 November 2019
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Just set up WD MyCloud Home.  Copied my extensive iTunes and other music library onto the WD NAS.  But it all automatically goes into the “private” space, and as such is only available to be used as a music service, not as a locals network-based music library.  This works nicely through the Sonos and MyCloud Home app on iOS as an added Music Service, rather than as a local Music Library.  What’s the difference?  Only this: the app-based service only permits browsing the music based on Artist, Album and Genre.  It does NOT support folder view.  This is silly.  It should be fairly simple coding for them to support folder view.

One workaround is to access the WD device from a Windows-based PC on your network, copy the library into the MYCLOUD-xxxxxx/Public folder, and then set that up in Sonos as a “Music Library,” which will then support folder view.  But I don’t have any PC’s at home.  I am all iPad and iPhone now … as Steve Jobs said, we’re now in the post-PC era.  So, PLEASE, SONOS, PLEASE add folder view to the MyCloud Home /Sonos app collaboration !!!  Artist/Album/Genre doesn’t cut it for the structure of my music library.  This should be EASY for you guys to do !!!



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3 replies

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If I read your post well, another option would be for WD to allow the copyying of an iTunes library to the public space of the WD MyCloud Home, or to allow you to copy or move it from the original private space to the public space by something else than a PC?

Sure, that would work too.  The WD MyCloud Home has a USB port.  I had my iTunes library on a portable hard drive.  When you attach a storage device to the MyCloud Home via the USB port, the mobile (iOS) MyCloud Home software only allows you one option:  copy all files to the private space.  It is senseless and bizarre from a user’s standpoint that you can’t copy it to the shared public folder, and thus make it available on the LAN as shared storage.  In other words, this damned thing doesn’t function as a NAS at all, unless you jump through hoops with Samba etc.  Really stupid.

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My trusted QNAP has a web interface (so accessible from a phone or tablet) in which you can move files. WD’s don’t have that?