Was working but now wont connect

I have a play 3 and use both iPad and Mac to control it. Yesterday I turned the internet router off then on again and since then I cant get the sonos controller on either iPad or Mac to connect to Bridge

Why would switching the router on and off again make this happen and how do i get the connection back - so frustrating

Edit - so I used the ethernet cable to connect the mac to the bridge and now everything is connected but on the mac controller there are no options showing for spotify etc so I cant play any music and the iPad still wont connect to the system

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Anytime you reboot a router, you should perform a full system reboot to make sure there are no IP conflicts. Do the following:

Shut down all on this list, then re-power, in this order:

Wired Sonos components
Wireless Sonos components
NAS if you use one
Everything else (computers, printers, etc.)

Wait until the component is fully up before restarting the next on the list. This will assure that all IP addresses are legitimate.
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If the above doesn't work go into your router's configuration pages and switch off the DHCP service and reboot the router (it will probably do this automatically). Then re-enable the DHCP service and reboot again.


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