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  • 15 October 2017
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This morning for the first time I am not able to control the volume on my Playbar with the TV remote control. I am current with all updates and not aware of any new update over night. How do I fix this?

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8 replies

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I thought the playbar routed the TV remote control to the TV. Is there something blocking this?
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Hi there, RoyV. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Steve Turner makes a great point to check that the PLAYBAR is not being blocked as it repeats the signal from the remote to the attached TV. If you are still having troubles with your PLAYBAR please feel free to reach back out and let us know the make and model of the TV you are working with. I am happy to help.
I seem to be having a similar issue but am unsure if the problem is with the app (which won't update on my phone and iPad) or something physical with the PlayBar. More to follow – maybe.
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Hi there, Billster. If you'd like us to dig in and try to determine whats going on, submit a diagnostic report and I will be happy to take a look. Be sure to reply with the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end.

If you'd rather see how things work for a little while, that's fine too. Keep us posted. We'll be here to help.
Keith, I got the PLAYBAR to operate by unplugging the power to it and then restoring power after a minute, so I do have sound to the TV.

However; the Sonos controller app 8.2 will not update our two iPad-minis and my iPhone SE. All three devices have been updated to iOS 11.1.1, the latest Apple version of iOS. The Sonos updating process just keeps returning us to the App Store as opening 8.2 there is not updating our devices.

I don't know how to run diagnostics.

By the way, I have the PLAYBAR and a PLAY:3

Keith, I was able to get the app to produce a diagnosis. The # is 8087979 .
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Thanks for the diagnostic report and confirmation number, Billster. Apologies for not linking the diagnostic steps in the first post, I have since edited that post for others to find the steps to submit a diagnostic report.

Looking at your report, I can only see one iOS controller and it shows that it is on 8.1.1. If you go into the iOS App Store and then to the Updates tab, you may need to refresh the updates by swiping down on the screen. Similarly, I had to reboot my iPhone to have the update show up in the iOS App Store appropriately. Afterwards, you will have to update the players when you launch the updated Sonos app.

Another way we could get around this is if you delete the Sonos app from one of these devices and re-download the app from the iOS App Store. At that point, you should be downloading the most up to date software available. When you launch the app, be sure to select connect to an existing system and you should be back up and running.

Let me know if you run into troubles with any of these. I'll be happy to assist.
Keith N - Good advice. Once I discarded the app from my iPad the new version 8.2 installed correctly. It appears the iPhone was then updated automatically as it now has 8.2 running on it. The 2nd iPad updated in the normal way through the App Store, i.e., without having to discard the old version of Sonos Controller app. All seems to be fine now. Thanks for your help.