Very frustrating setup issues (App sees speaker but does not connect)

  • 12 September 2019
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I recently moved to a new country (China) from another (Macau). I had three Sonos Play:1 speakers set up with no problems in Macau. When I moved to China, I tried to set them up again. Only one speaker connected properly; the other two failed to connect. I have been sending emails back and forth to Sonos Support and they are stymied and told me to contact my local support office in Shanghai. Before I do this, I thought I would post the question here.

I did a factory reset on the speakers. I follow all the instructions during setup and the proper lights turn on when they are supposed to. My phone app sees my speaker and tells me the correct serial number that matches the one on the bottom of the speaker (the MAC address). I then go through the procedure of pairing, by pressing the buttons and waiting for the chime. I hear the chime and then...nothing. A minute later, I get the message that the speaker was not found (even though it found the speaker previously).

I then went through the alternative setup by plugging it into my router and again go through all the steps. The app recognizes the MAC address (I have tried this on both of my non-working speakers) and again asks if I want to set this speaker up. I go though the instructions, press the buttons, hear the chime, then...nothing. Exact same situation.

This is extremely frustrating. I have done numerous factory resets and have tried this over and over, plugging into every port in the back of the router, trying different button combinations, etc. It is always the same situation. Everything is fine up to the chime sound, then ..."Not connected"and it can't be seen, even though it does see it and recognizes the correct MAC address.

I thought it might have been my new home network but again, one of my three speakers set up with no problems. Lots of emails with Sonos but they have no idea. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on here and how to fix this?

PS. Just to add, I have sent the diagnostic to Sonos on both speakers but they didn't find anything in it or gave me any suggestions due to the information in the report. I did this before and after my factory resets so there was data in there to send them.

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