Verizon Smarthub

  • 22 July 2017
  • 2 replies

Does Sonos work using the Verizon Wireless LTE Smarthub home wifi system? I recently installed a playbar and a sonos 3 at my house that i am unable to get any DSL service at other than from Frontier which runs at 1.5mbps. I purchased a Verizon Smarthub after being told Sonos would work using that as my router mad internet provider. Unfortunately I cannot connect my Sonos. Any insight?

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2 replies

I'm not clear as to what you're asking, unfortunately. Are you asking if 1.5Mbps is enough? Or are you asking if the Verizon smart hub works as a wifi router that the Sonos would connect to?

I would feel pretty confident that most streams would work across a 1.5Mbps line.

Assuming that the Verizon smart hub puts out a standard 2.4Ghz b/g network, your speakers should be able to connect to it. If it's locked down to 5Ghz only, then no, they wont. On the other hand, if you were to connect one of your speakers (or a bridge/boost) to your router with an ethernet cable, the SonosNet would be generated automatically, and any other Sonos speakers would connect to the SonosNet network, and not be on your other wifi network, but on a separate wifi network generated by Sonos.
Just looked at some images of this device on a Google image search. Looks like it only has one single port for ethernet cable connection. Ouch. So, assuming that the only device you need to physically connect is one of your Sonos devices, you'd be fine. I'd assume everything else would work off of the wifi network.