Using Verizon MiFi router - system losing connection

  • 27 December 2016
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Hi all-

We have no internet service to our home except a strong Verizon 4G LTE signal. So we use a new MiFi router for internet (

I set up 2 brand new Play 1s on this device and everything worked great, but the next day the Sonos system lost connection. All other internet devices are connecting without a problem. When i opened the Sonos app it asked me if I wanted to set up a new system or connect to an existing one. Clicking "connect to existing" caused the app to search and then fail to find any system. I tried this numerous times, eventually tried "set up new system", that didn't work, and after messing with it 60 times it suddenly connected again and worked fine. A few hours of music later the same thing happened - it's like the Sonos system disappeared.

Any advice?


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4 replies

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I might be the first to ask a few questions...

Do you have either of the Play 1s connected physically to the router via ethernet cable?
Do you have many wireless devices operating in the space? Or many wireless networks in the area (given the description of internet access to your house, I'm guessing that isn't the case... but thought I'd as.

Are your Play 1s close to the wifi router, a long ways away, through a stone wall away? etc. Anything that may make it so the signal the speakers are getting would be weak?
Thanks for responding -

The Play 1s are both on WiFi, not plugged into router. At some point I plugged one in and it started working again but then the same issue happened when I unplugged it.

There are a bunch of devices connected to the router but less than the 10 maximum. And no, not many other networks in the area.

The Play 1s are both a few feet from router in the same room so no reason the signal would weaken.

I fear the answer here is that there's some reason it won't work on a 4G router ... does anyone know?
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I know there are people who have posted on here indicating they have had success using a 4G router. People do communicate some issues that appear to be more specifically relating to the quality of the 4G service / signal and therefore internet bandwidth they are receiving etc. (in some cases the internet may not be a stable/fast as they require for a quality audio stream) What you relate appears to be more an issue with the speakers connecting to the wifi router.

When you physically connected one of the devices to the router and everything worked, you enabled the speakers to set up their own network between them (that is referred to on here as "SonosNet"), and as I understand, all internet traffic would go through the Play 1 physically connected to the router. That everything worked then suggest to me that the issue is in the connectivity of the speakers to the router, not the router to the internet... so the "4G" connection sounds like it is irrelevant.

I don't know the router, but the spec you linked to indicates that it has "dual band support". I know some routers have multiple names for the different networks (2.4 vs 5GHz networks)... The Sonos products connect to the 2.4 network only and I *think* you want to make sure the controller is on the same network.

I'm certainly no network guru, but I might guess the issue lies in bandwidth of your router to manage the devices, assign unique IP address, etc. The Sonos staff, and a number of exceptional networking people on here can help you troubleshoot that.

Best of luck and I hope you get it sorted soon...

Network experts? Anyone? Anyone?
It's indeed often the case that a Sonos controller on a device attached to the 5GHz band won't find players which are in 'Standard Setup' (i.e. on the 2.4GHz WiFi). Some routers refuse to forward between wireless segments the discovery broadcasts that enable the controller to locate the players. This generally isn't a problem when a system's in 'BOOST Setup' (SonosNet mode), with one unit wired.

The other consideration is IP address exhaustion, if there's a limit of only 10 devices. Each Sonos unit will require its own IP.