Using two Play 1’s as desktop computer speakers?

  • 6 October 2017
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I’m looking for some new computer speakers and was planning on a decent setup and it occurred to me it would be nice to use Sonos Play ‘1’s as computer speakers.

I have one already and several Play 5’s. I think the Play 1’s would be ideal as I think they’d fit that bill very well.

Has any one else done this and how did you go about setting it up? I know there a setting to create a stereo pair.

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4 replies

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Most people on hear would recommend against that. Sonos speakers are not designed to be computer speakers. There is no direct way to connect your Play 1s to the computer.

I'm sure if you search the forum or wait for advice from the more technically adept they will tell you exactly why it's not practical.
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It's not supported, and there's no great way to do it. I wouldn't recommend it.
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Damn, is there not a line in like the Play 5’s?
No, there isn't. I use a pair flanking my Mac on my desktop and they are brilliant there; but this is because I use them for music presence and not to listen to whatever the computer speakers may be playing when they do.