Using Sonos AMP with projector - how to + which switcher to choose

  • 12 November 2021
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I am sorry if this has already been asked, but I am really confused. 

I own a Sonos AMP and am planning to purchase a projector, and I would like to use my Sonos system to play the sound.

As I understand what I need is basically to get a HDMI Swithcer, but I am unsure which features to look for? Should I get one with ARC? Etc.,etc.? And does anyone have any recommendations for which switcher might be a good choice?

And is it correcly understood that what I need to do is to connect my pc (or other video source) to the switcher, which then connects to the projector and to the AMP? If so, do I need a swithcer with two outputs?

Hope you can help :)

Best, Torben


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You need to look for a Projector with either HDMI-ARC or Optical Audio output - most have the Optical Port and then simply connect the Amp ‘direct’ to either of those ports. To use the Optical port, you need to purchase the Sonos Optical to HDMI adapter - see this link:

The audio/video input is usually HDMI - if you want to connect ‘multiple’ A/V sources (FireTV/Apple TV etc); then add an HDMI-Switch for that purpose - the switch will not normally need an HDMI-Arc port in the type of setup described.

Hi Ken,

Thanks a lot. So I guess that by buying a projector with ARC, I can forego purhcasing the HDMI Switcher if I only need to connect one device? 

If I need to connect two devices, I will need a Swithcer then, but if it does not have ARC, how do I then get the sound from my PC routed to the AMP? Sorry, I am ignorant about ARC etc., so I might be askin the wrong question, but imagine I want to connect PC and Apple Tv. Then I would want the video and sound to be split up (with only one source, I would use the projector for that as I understand you answer above), but doesn’t that require arc? Then I would connect the video out from switcher to the projector and the ARC/optical to the AMP?

Best, Torben

Just as an example, you might go onto purchase a projector that has an Optical out port, or a HDMI-ARC port for connection to an Amp/Receiver.. it can have one or both of those ports in some cases.

It may also have inputs for a PC and another HDMI port (not Arc) to which you cloud attach a switch and multiple A/V inputs (Fire TV/Apple TV etc).

In some cases, users choose to by-pass their projector altogether for the audio itself and in that case an audio extractor/combined splitter is used - some folk like to go down this route if their projector does not support either Dolby DD 5.1 or Atmos audio pass-through etc. (if using the new Beam Gen 2, or Sonos Arc Soundbar, for example).

Here’s an example image where the audio/extractor splitter (the HDFury Arcana in this case) is used with a projector for Atmos audio, but you won’t need Atmos with the Sonos Amp, as that codec is not supported by the Amp, so you would simply use a different extractor/splitter.. but this image show that type of setup (just ignore the TV). The extractor in this instance goes to the Arc Soundbar, but in your case it would go to your Amp:


Hope you’re able to follow that and it helps with your understanding of the Projector setup options open to you.👍

Hi Ken,

Extremely useful! Thank you very much.

Best, Torben

If you search Amazon you will soon find a few HDMI audio extractors with, or without, combined Switch, that support HDMI-ARC, or Optical port, connections that can handle Dolby Digital 5.1 audio - although stereo audio with a Sonos Amp/Speakers will undoubtedly sound pretty good anyway.  

Sorry if i am taking advantage of your helpfulness, but I am having a hard time finding 4K projektors with hdmi arc or optical output. Do you have any recommendations that are not overly pricey?


alternatively do you have recommendations for an extractor with hdmi arc?

I’m not big into Projectors, but I know that some can certainly be quite expensive - if you can perhaps choose a Projector in your price range that you have in mind and post it’s link here, it might be then easier to see what you may need to get it to work with your Amp.

Here’s an example of an extractor splitter that I quickly stumbled upon on Amazon (just as an example) :

Hi Ken,

I had considdered the Optoma HD29HE.

Best, Torben

Hi Ken,

I had considdered the Optoma HD29HE.

Best, Torben

So in that case you would use an audio extractor/splitter, like the one I posted earlier for example (except you don’t actually need its HDMI-ARC feature, but that can be toggled off, or use a similar extractor without Arc).

You would attach your A/V sources to one of the two inputs on the extractor/splitter and the HDMI out would goto the projector HDMI input for the video on screen … then the Sonos Amp is connected to the Optical port (SPDIF) on the extractor/splitter using the Sonos Optical to HDMI converter (which you will need to purchase separately).

Hope that assists.

Thank you Ken. You have been more than helpful. Much appreciated.


Best, Torben 

Hi Ken,

Probably an obvious question, but the extractor, you suggest, would also work with this projector, right? I ask, because it has different HDMI port version, and I don’t know if that has any consequences for my configuration. I ask, because I am able to get a black friday deal on that particular projector.


Best, Torben

You can connect that projector’s optical out to the Amp using an HDMI cable and the “optical to HDMI converter” which is sold by Sonos separately. Then use the two HDMI inputs on the Projector for connecting your A/V sources (Apple TV:Fire TV etc) you just need the Sonos adapter rather than an extractor/switch if you go with that projector.


Thanks once again.