Using a Sonos Move regularly on 2 different WiFi networks

  • 3 January 2020
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Hi, I work away from home during the week and stay in rented accommodation, therefore I would like to know if it is possible to regularly move the Sonos Move speaker between different WiFi networks, whilst still accessing full functionality?

My home Sonos network is based on a ‘Boost’ setup. The rented accommodation will have to be a wireless setup.

If the regular moves are possible, how do i go about setting the Move up on the new WiFi network and then moving between the two?

2 replies

The Move actually will not connect in a Boost setup like other Sonos units can.  It must be setup with WiFi credentials like most WiFi smart devices do.  As far as moving between 2 different WiFi networks, I believe the Move can store up to 16 different WiFi networks and will connect to networks it’s been configured for automatically.


That said, your rented location may not be using a standard home WiFi.  if it requires you to accept terms, provide a room number, that sort of thing, you may not be able to get the Move connected to WiFi.  In that case, I would just use the builtin Bluetooth to connect your Move directly to phone for music playback, like a normal Bluetooth speaker.

I have two locations that I use the Move, both having different wifi’s. When connected to my main WiFi at my everyday residence, the Move and Amp (used for kitchen speakers) work fine with my Alexa. When I take it out to my other location on the weekends, the Move does not work on the WiFi until i disable and then inable the Sonos skill in the Alexa app. Sometimes this works immediately, sometimes its a process of more than a coupe times. Once i return to my residence i then have to do the entire Sonos skill disabling and then inabling to get both the Amp and the Move to work again. There has to be an easier way to use the Move.