Use Connect:Amp as surround with Playbar

I have a playbar and a connect:amp and I'd like to combine them. The network is configured as a boost network. It is wireless through a Sonos bridge. I have accessed the webpage on the Playbar and done the configuration. However, no sound comes through the Connect:Amp speakers. This is true for both Music and TV sound. If I unpair them through the playbars webinterface, the speakers work as normally intended. Any ideas of what else I can try to get the Connect:amp to function as surround speakers?

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Both, TV and Playbar, have to be wired to your network. They can be wired to each other or to the same Switch/Router.
I've tried this. It's not intuitive and is worst experience I've ever had with Sonos
It's not intuitive because it was originally impossible due to the Connect:Amp lacking tbe necessary hardware. But custom installers begged for it, and Sonos bent over backwards to overcome that limitation to supply a solution; albeit in a complicated way meant for advanced installers.
Can someone post the process to make the 2 work together?
@whipkep1 - this should be what you were asking for.
Josh Shoafstall wrote:

@whipkep1 - this should be what you were asking for.

Hi Iam having trouble with the connect amp and play bar 5.1 configuration, tried the link above but it seams to have gone, anyone know any different,also my connect amp is around 13 years old will it still work as surround.
Many thanks lee
2 second google search took me to the FAQs:
Yes that's the first thing I found, .... it didn't work, contacted sonos, they are looking into it.,, after 2 days trying decided to get 2 play 1s and its all sorted,.i guess that's what they wanted.,,, thinking of sub now.£££££. My first connect amp is 13 years old and still worth every penny so worth it.
Just FYI works with an Orbi router/satellite setup. The satellites act as a single router even if spaced apart.

To be specific, my playbar is in living room and my connect amp is in the garage in a cabinet over 100ft away. Hooked them both up via Ethernet cables to individual orbi satelllites and now the connect is running as the surround.

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