Upgraded WiFi, now it's all messed up

  • 23 November 2020
  • 1 reply

I had a router with a couple extenders until last week when I had a guy install mesh WIFI.  Works great, except my Sonons app will only recognize half my speakers.  It’s maddening.  ANy ideas?  TIA. 

1 reply

Sonos often doesn’t work well with some mesh networks, due to the way they work. Try wiring one device, a BOOST or a speaker, to the root device of your network, not an extender. Wait a couple of minutes for everything to switch over to ‘wired mide’. It may require power cycling any recalcitrant speakers. Once they’re all showing up in ‘about my System’, you should remove your WiFi credentials from the system, as explained in the remove Wifi data FAQ.