Unable to start radio station (Spotify)

  • 5 April 2019
  • 5 replies

Setting up a new system for my office. I can Air Play Spotify to Sonos speakers with no issues, but when I'm in Sonos App and try to start Spotify radio it gives me a message "Unable to start radio station". Iphone X, all soft updated. Restarted Wi-Fi, restarted the phone, restarted Sonos. See screenshot below.

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5 replies

well, what you've proven is that the system is working "inside" your network, i.e. your phone can talk to the speakers, which is good. However, you've also proven that your speakers can't talk to the outside world, as when you directed the speaker to contact Spotify and play something on their stream, it failed.

The part that scares me is that you used the phrase "my office". This could mean just your office in your home, i.e a room that you call your office, or it could mean a professional location with a enterprise network setup and IT support.

If it's the former, you've likely got some issues with either a firewall or virus program blocking the ability for the speakers to reach out to the Spotify servers.The firewall FAQ is here:


If it's the latter, you may have some more serious issues that you need to clear with your IT folks.
Bruce, thanks for a quick reply. You're right - it could be firewall. The bad part - "office" means the real office with enterprise firewall, the good part is that I'm the "IT folks". I have Cisco ASA guarding our network. I'll open ports specified at the link you've provided and report back.
I opened all the ports specified below and am having the same issue as before - Unable to start radio station. Any other ideas?

Below are the ports that Sonos uses:
80 (Internet Radio, updates and registration)
443 (Rhapsody, Napster, and SiriusXM)
445 (CIFS)
3400 (incoming UPnP events - Sonos Controller App for Mac or PC)
3401 (Sonos Controller App for iOS)
3445 (OS X / Windows File Sharing)
3500 (Sonos Controller App for Android)
4070 (Spotify incoming events)
4444 (Sonos update process)
136-139 (NetBIOS)
1900 (UPnP events and device detection)
1901 (UPnP responses)
2869, 10243, 10280-10284 (Windows Media Player NSS)
5353 (Spotify Control)
6969 (Initial configuration)
You're way beyond my knowledge at this point. I'm really good at pointing at articles, but not so good at completely understanding networking.

There's a lot of information in the Troubleshooting area, as well as Advanced Setups that might help, and it never could hurt to contact Sonos directly to discuss it.

One more quick note. I don't recommend using the "search" function provided on this website. It doesn't seem to be functional all of the time for me, so I usually drop out to Google, and then come back to the links in this forum from there.
At this point I do not believe it's the firewall. Alexa works fine, I can tell Alexa to play the radio and it plays it. But if I choose to play the radio from the IOS App it unable to do so. On the other hand, when I choose individual tracks or an album - it plays. Looks like only Spotify Radio is the problem.