Unable To Play WMA Files

  • 7 May 2005
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I received my new player and controller, upgraded the software and have it playing .mp3, .wav, .flac and internet radio, but it does not play .wma files. When attemting to play them it indicates that the files are an unsupprted format.

They were ripped with Windows Media Player 9 and 10 with copy protection turned off and the audio quality set to best.

They play fine in media player and in a seperate audio editing program.

The audio properties of the files show:

Bit Rate: 876 kbps (varies per file)
Audi Sample Size: 16 bit
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Audio sample rate: 44 kHz

Any help would be appreciated.


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5 replies

Hi Mark. If you will create a support incident and attach one of the smaller WMA's that you are having trouble with we will work to determine what the problem is.



Sorry, I just realized you stated a bitrate of 876kbps which is WMA Lossless. WMA Lossless is not a supported format. Compressed WMA up to 320kbps is OK. If you want to use a good supported lossless format stick with FLAC 🙂
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Thanks for the help. I opened a ticket and Malcolm let me know that the ZP didn't do the lossless yet. I saw the FAQ about it but must have missed that.

I read another faq regarding converting formats and I'm using dbPowerAmp to convert the files to FLAC.


dbPowerAmp is a nice application also. It allowed me to select all of the WMA files in my directory structure (800 of them) and is converting them to FLAC, putting the FLAC files in the same directory and removing the WMA files. Very nice, I'll have to buy that application.

Also, your customer support is outstanding. I knew I would love the ZC and ZP before I received them, but your support over the weekend, while I'll trying to get my new toy up and running is unparrelled. I'm sold on your company and look forward to your new products. When are you coming out with a video version? 🙂 I would love to have you distribute my DVD collection to all of the TV's in my house.

That's good news! Happy you got it all worked out, and it's always nice to hear compliments on our customer service!

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