Unable to play music through speaker

  • 25 April 2017
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OK, need help. Unable to get my Play1 speaker working fully. i can play music files from my mobile phone but cannot play Spotify or any radio stations. I have boost set up
I have done the following
- rebooted router
- unistalled spotify and sonos on phone (and any other device)
- Shut down all devices using wireless, rebooted router, then added sonos first
- changed ethernet cable connecting
- tried changing router channel

I have problem linking Spotify to Sonos and when it does connect I get message saying 'unable to add music to queue'

I am unable to submit a diagnostic test, message coem sup saying 'unable to send message at this time'

My guess is it's something to do with router and maybe IP addresses

My sonos speaker is right next to my router.

Please help.


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6 replies

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Hi Howiehjohn

Welcome the Sonos community

Check a couple of things and then post a Diagnostic Be sure to post the number here a Sonos tech will pull your report and post back.

Make sure you router and SonosNet are on different channels

Be sure that your speaker wired to the router is at least 2' feet from your router and nothing wireless is close.

I can confirm my router (channel 1 and 36) are on different channel to sonosnet (channel 11)
My speaker is about 3 feet from my router. When you say nothing wireless is close, define close. My Imac is about 10 feet away and smart TV, 12 feet.
I can't submit diagnostic from phone as per previous comment, is there another way?
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Well you could borrow someone else iPhone or iPad and submit a diagnostic. If not call Sonos support and go from there.
Both my wife and I use our phones and unable to submit. Thanks for the help, will call sonos
did you get this problem fixed? I have the same problem now and am unable to send diagnostics. This is across all devices/controllers.

Being unable to send a diagnostic is certainly an issue. I'd recommend a "refresh" of your Sonos system, as it sounds as though something is a little odd and/or broken.

How I'd do it is unplug all your Sonos devices from the power. Then reboot your router. Once the router is back up and running, plug in one of your Sonos devices and wait for it to fully boot up. Then move to the next one, and repeat the process, until all devices are back under power.

Once that's done, try playing music, to see if that works. Then try submitting the diagnostic, to see if that works. I suspect both will work, but if not, it might be worth calling in to Sonos, as at that point troubleshooting would be very hard to do in a forum, and much easier to do in a conversation on the phone. You can find your area's information at www.sonos.com/contact