• 13 July 2020
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Our house has different wi if networks and the main system fo us is on a LAN to which the play bar, sub, two play ones and a play 3 are connected.  I want to use a 3rd play one on the top floor on a different WiFi network and think the only way is to set up a second account for it using a different email address.  Is this possible to do as I seem to have problems doing it.  It’s an early play one I’m using up there and the Sonos instructions regarding resetting to factory settings don’t match regarding the colours of flashing lights.  Mine are either amber or white.  Any help welcome thanks

5 replies

Presumably the second WiFi is supplied by a secondary router, and the network has been broken into two subnets. You need to put that router into access point mode. You’d then be able to operate a single Sonos system throughout.


The router in addition to providing the WiFi I want to connect just the 1 speaker to, is connected to a box via an Ethernet cable that connects to a Dray Tek Vigor AP800 WAP that gives us the WiFi on the lower ground floor which is used for our main SONOS system. The aim is to have two independent systems on different WiFi’s as we have a need for multiple wi if in the house

Do you in fact have two routers, with one providing the upstairs WiFi? (The Draytek WAP is not relevant.) If the upstairs WiFi is provided by a second router then, unless you deliberately want to break your network into two subnets, I’d strongly suggest you switch it into AP mode. It would save a lot of hassle.


If you’re determined to stick with a split network and set up the Play:1 independently then you don’t need a different email address. A factory reset on the P:1 should enable you to set it up as a separate system.

Press the play/pause (or mute) button whilst connecting to power, until the light flashes orange and white. If it has ancient firmware the LED sequence may be different, but in any case release the button when it shows amber. Eventually it should go green. I suggest you wire the Play:1 temporarily if the firmware is particularly out of date.

To set up the P:1 your phone or tablet must be connected to the upstairs WiFi.


Ok will try thanks

OK have sorted by using my wife’s new Sonos account, restating the speaker to factory setting and just using her iPhone for that particular one.  Had to use split networks as we have two separate Sonos systems on the go elsewhere