TV Sound through Sonos Speakers?

I recently purchased two Sonos Play3's, a Sonos Connect, a receiver (Denon AVR-x1400) and an Amazon Echo. I've got it most of the way set up. I can stream the music fine. I can give commands to Alexa and she executes them on my Sonos. But the one thing I am struggling with is getting my TV sound to be able to play through the Sonos speakers. I was told I could connect the Connect to the Receiver (out from receiver and into the Connect) and I should be able to push the sound out to the Sonos speakers. I've tried that and I just can't get it to work. I would like to be able to play the TV sound on my main tower speakers AND the Sonos Play3's at the same time. Sonos is going to be hooked up on the patio. If I want to watch the TV outside (currently) I point the TV toward the window, then open the windows and jack the volume up. Problem is, if my wife is inside she basically has to leave the room because it's so loud. I'd like to be able to play the sound through the mains (inside) and the Play3's (outside) so we can both enjoy whatever we are watching at a reasonable volume.

The only way I have figured out how to route the sound is to go out from the receiver's headphone jack and into the Connect. Then I can at least get the sound out to the Play3's...but it shuts off the tower speakers. So I can get one or the other. Is there any way I can work this out to get both at the same time?

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I`m having the same issue with an Onkyo receiver. I assume you connect your TV to the receiver via HDMI and use the receiver`s Zone 2 output connected to the input of the Sonos Connect (?) If so...the issue is that most receivers do not passthrough HDMI or any digital input to Zone 2 (only some high end models can do that).
That's exactly what I'm doing. Out from Zone2 and into the Connect. But then when I open the Sonos app and select "input from device" nothing comes through. It only comes through when I go through the headphone jack. But again...then it turns off the mains. So it's one or the other, but I can't get both to work.

I have DirecTV that goes from the wall to the cable box, from the cable box to the receiver, then the receiver to the TV. The receiver-to-TV connection is via do you think I could get the audio directly from the TV. Instead of going out from the receiver, go out from the TV instead? I might try that when I get home tonight...but then I would just be concerned about sync issues. I don't know for sure...but it's worth a shot. Unless I get a better recommendation, I'll try that tonight and post the results here.
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That was going to be my suggestion, using zone 2. But as Eddie suggested, may not work.

Honestly though, I don't think your plan of using the play:3s outdoors is very good, as they are not designed for that. Unless you plan on moving them indoors when not in use, or you have a plan to somehow protect them from the elements, the units may not last very long.

Three alternatives plans...
1 - I believe you can reassign your surround backs on AVR to be additional L+R speakers, 'B' speakers if you will. If so, and you can wire speakers to the outside, then I would return the play:3s for regular outdoor speakers. You would still be able to use sonos and your echo for a level of control through the CONNECT.

2- Replace the play:3s with a connect:amp and a pair of outdoor speakers. Again, this will require that you can wire the speakers. However, you don't have to place the connect:amp in the same spot as your AVR. It can be a closet or something.

3- If you aren't using surround sound with your AVR, you could possible connect the tv to your CONNECT first, then out to the AVR. That would limit you to stereo audio only, so it's kind of a waste of your AVR.

Please note though that regardless of your setup, your sonos speakers, really any audio passing through Sonos is going to have a 70 ms delay, so the audio will not be in sync with the video. Some people don't care, some do. It bothers me personally. These exception to this of course is when the tv is connected to a playbar or playbase.
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Yeah, you have the same challenge that I have. Will not work through HDMI because that is simply not passed through to the 2nd zone by your receiver. I was thinking in the same direction as you are now, so going direct from TV to Sonos Connect via analogue tulip red/white cable but didn`t test it yet. I`m curious on the outcome; I doubt it will work because the audio is processed by your receiver and not by your TV but it is worth testing. Also, my Onkyo is able to passthrough SPDIF optical and coaxial to the 2nd zone (only no HDMI). You need to check if your Denon can do so as well. In that case a 2nd test could be an optical cable from TV to receiver and route that signal to Zone 2. Also this I didn`t test yet (no optical cable) and still doubt the outcome because it is primary the receiver that is doing the job and not the TV.
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Alright another option, get a splitter. If you can find a splitter that can take the hdmi from the tv and outputs hdmi (to AVR) and rca or toslink( to your connect line in), then you should eliminate the need to pass audio out of your AVR. I quick google search has splitters like this for around $20.
All great ideas. I was running into a brick wall last night, but now this has opened up some brainstorming and I feel like it's not a lost cause, yet. Melvimbe...the speakers are going to be underneath the covered they will be well-protected from the elements. I specifically wanted wireless because I don't want to run a ton of wires out there...especially going through exterior walls. One thing I haven't even looked at is if there are other, more durable wireless speakers that are compatible with my Sonos system? That might be the direction to go. I'll look into that. The splitter is a good idea, too. If nothing else works, I'll give that a shot, too.

Eddie...the optical is a good idea. I've got a cord (a couple of them, actually). I wonder...I'm almost certain that my DTV Genie has an optical I may not even have to go through the TV...just use a second connection. I already have the HDMI going from the Genie to the receiver. If I just add the optical, I wonder if that would do the trick? OR...this just occurred to me as I've been Genie has RCA outputs...what if I went straight from the Genie to the Connect via the RCA connections??

I've been wanting to get some TV/Audio sound out to my patio for a long time. What finally drove the decision is that we are having a "wedding-reception-crawfish-boil" next weekend at the house. There's going to be 80-100 people I want to have some music playing in the backyard. Once the boil is done with, I will mount the speakers underneath the patio so that I can continue to stream music (for like when I'm bbq'ing and stuff) and then (hopefully) run the TV audio out there for when I'm relaxing with a whiskey and a cigar on the patio. I spent like 90 minutes on the phone with Sonos yesterday and none of these ideas came up. I've got plenty more ideas to try tonight now and will update you all with the results. I'm kinda liking the idea of running straight from the Genie to the connect...just not sure if the Genie will send dual signals out at the same time via HDMI and optical. If that doesn't work, then I'll try and go from the TV. I'm determined to get this figured out! And then one piece at a time I will start to update my overall sound system. Right now I just run sound out of my two tower speakers. They are probably 10-15 years old now...Kirsch...good speakers...just out of date. I don't run any surround sound yet (just haven't felt the need, really). But I want to get this problem figured out first and then go from there.
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Both are worth testing (optical & rca) and times 2 (TV straight & Genie) makes 4 little tests. I like the splitter idea from melvimbe very much as well, only wondering if these devices are able to cope with all audio formats. Question: are you only asking to output the TV signal to Sonos or also some other ? I also want to send TV signal to Sonos very much but there is one more reason I want this. On my NAS I have lots of video concerts that I`m playing through my mediaplayer (Nvidia Shield TV) via HDMI to receiver to speakers/TV. My thought was to send the sound also to Sonos via receiver 2nd zone out to Sonos Connect (which of course didn`t work because of the HDMI not being passed through to zone 2).
So a brief search on Amazon brought me to this.

This could probably work one of two ways. Split the signal from the Genie to the receiver...OR...split the signal from the receiver to the TV. Out from the receiver...into this splitter...HDMI continues on to the TV and the RCA splits off to the Sonos. In theory, this seems like a viable solution if my tests tonight don't work. I will work on it tonight and let you know.

To answer your question, I'm more interested in running sound from my TV to my Sonos speaking than streaming audio to my mains. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I listened to music on my towers. It's all audio for TV/DVD/PS4 etc. For my party, I'm going to have my Sonos Play3's outside...and inside I will just run some music through the Echo and Echo Dots. I don't need window-rattling sound...just some background music for anyone who is inside shooting pool or playing on the ping pong table.

From a technical standpoint, I should be able to run sound both ways though, correct? The first thing I am going to try when I get home (because the components are easiest to access) is to simply run RCA from Genie to Connect. If that accomplishes what I need it to, then I can use that optical cord to run from Sonos back to the receiver. Hypothetically, that *should* allow me to stream music through my towers as well. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and just take one thing at a time. theory...I would think you would be able to accomplish both. I may be able to do it with the equipment I have...I may have to buy the splitter. But theoretically I should be able to figure out a way to be able to do both.
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Agree that there is no reason not to try all these options. As far as outdoor wireless speakers that work with Sonos, I don't of any that are not Bluetooth speakers, usually portable. Probably not what you had in mind. And of course, Sonos isn't Bluetooth, so you'd need an Bluetooth transceiver as well.

As far as a splitter handling an audio formats, it shouldn't be an issue. From what research I've done, they'll tell you what formats they can pass through. Besides that, all you need is stereo.

I actually use a splitter in my setup, but not really to get tv audio to the outside exact. I have a sonos 5.1 setup inside, and connect:amp powers the outdoor speakers, so I only need to group the two zones for tv audio. Let me explain what I do.

I have a tv that I put on a tv cart. I didn't want to have a tv sitting outside permanently, nor could I decide where I wanted to place the tv, so I put in on a cart that I could roll outside whenever I wanted. (As it turns out, the tv usually sits in the gameroom next to the gaming tv, and is usually used as a second gaming tv for the kids...and me) The tv is smart so it does not need anything connected to it to function.

However, I did want the audio to play through the existing outdoor speakers. As well, I wanted the tv to be able to play in sync with the family room tv. Starting with the video first, I use an hdmi splitter to send the cable signal to the family room tv and to a jack I installed on the outdoor eaves. Then I can use another hdmi cable to connect to the outdoor tv. For the audio, I use a rca cable to the same jack location outdoors connected to the CONNECT:AMP. The system works great for the video, and works for the audio except for the delay, which really annoys me. (I can fix the audio delay by replacing the connect:amp with a connect + standard stereo receiver, but I haven't messed with that yet)

To be clear, that's a lot of cables and the cost did rack up a bit. I also have done enough cabling and cut into the walls a hobby that I'm fairly comfortable with it. And it's a one story, which makes it a lot easier. Not for everyone. I could have dome much of this wirelessly, but I have too much wireless in my house already, and I was little concerned about the wireless video options.

The point is though that are lots of different options you can do. Splitters work well for lots of different scenarios when your existing equipment doesn't do all you need it to.
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Greg Ruder wrote:

From a technical standpoint, I should be able to run sound both ways though, correct?

Absolutely, this should run both ways, the only challenge is to find a source that sends the stereo audio (pre-amplified) to the Sonos Connect.
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Hi Melvimbe, I have a similar issue. I have many video concerts on my NAS that I`m playing via mediaplayer (Nvidia Shield TV) to my receiver so from there to TV & (non Sonos) 5.1 speaker set up. This is all happening in my living room but I would love to receive the audio also in kitchen and dining room where I have Sonos P1/3/5. What would be the options, knowing that my receiver will not pass through HDMI to 2nd zone of the receiver that is connected to the line in of my Sonos Connnect. So I`m using the Sonos Connect only the other way around (send music to the receiver) which is the primary use but would be great to go for the other way as well. So very much like Greg`s issue but additional the (Nvidia) media player source.
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Eddie, I think there have been a lot of good things to try here.

Here's another one. Instead of going NAS->receiver-> TV & Connect, go NAS -> TV -> receiver & Connect. If the hdmi between the TV and receiver is ARC, then it should pass through audio. Then, you might be able to use an audio out (rca or optical) on your tv to pass audio to the connect. (My gameroom tv is setup this way, except no Connect and replace NAS with an xbox. I actually set it up this way by accident, and left it that way since it worked.) And of course, you can then have the connect output to the receiver input for non tv audio sources. Basically, you're sort of using the tv to split the audio signal in this case. It won't work though if your tv or receiver doesn't have ARC, or if your tv won't send the audio signal through the hdmi arc and through the audio output.

(note, there are other nice features when using arc. When I turn on the tv, the receiver is turned on through arc as well. Same for off. The tv remote also controls the receiver volume with on screen display. So basically, if you're only using the receiver for the tv, you don't need a receiver remote anymore, without programming a universal remote)

What work well is going NAS -> TV -> connect -> receiver. Besides only giving you stereo audio, you'll be introducing a delay between audio and video when using the speakers connected to your receiver.

And I still think getting a splitter will work for you (and Greg) taking the hdmi signal out of your receiver and sending it to the tv as hdmi and the connect as rca or optical/toslink.
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melvimbe wrote:

If the hdmi between the TV and receiver is ARC, then it should pass through audio. Then, you might be able to use an audio out (rca or optical) on your tv to pass audio to the connect.

It is ARC, but I was just wondering if the TV will still send the (media player`s) audio signal through RCA straight to Sonos Connect or through optical via receiver`s 2nd zone to Sonos Connect line in (my Onkyo supports SPDIF passthrough to zone 2, only no HDMI passthrough according to manual).

On NAS->TV...with that I have bad experience, TV (Samsung UHD) is not capable to handle lots of video/audio formats and my Nvidia Shield TV running Kodi player eats all formats.

Still thinking on the splitter, my Onkyo receiver has a 2nd HDMI out.
It’s late and I am headed to bed. But...everything is working. Everything. Running sound from TV to my mains AND my Sonos. Streaming music to my Sonos AND my mains. It’s all working. I will post a detailed update tomorrow.
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Great, I`m very curious how you`re running TV sound to mains & Sonos. Did you try the optical cable from TV to receiver and then receiver 2nd zone out (rca) to Sonos Connect line in ? Also I`m curious if mains & Sonos sound is in sync. And last but not least, did you have a chance to run another HDMI source (dvd player) and route this to both mains & Sonos ?
Good morning, gentlemen. So it took me all of about ten minutes to get everything working once I got home last night. The first thing I tried was running the RCA cable directly from the DirecTV Genie to my Sonos Connect. Success. That's all I needed to do to get the audio from my TV to my Sonos...and since the DirecTV also runs to the receiver via HDMI, I can sun sound any way I like...mains and Sonos...just Sonos...just mains...whatever I want. Worked perfectly. And the best part? No least none that's noticeable to me. Looks like all the audio syncs up perfectly. This is EXACTLY why I spent so much money and bought this system. I am stoked!

That's all I really wanted to accomplish, but while I had the cabinet pulled out I figured I'd go ahead and try and run the audio from the Sonos Connect over to the receiver to run the sound through my mains. That was easy, too. I ran the optical from the Connect and to the receiver. I have two optical inputs on the back of the naturally I plugged it into "Media Player"...but could get that to work. I had to change the input on the receiver to media player, but still nothing. So I unplugged the optical from the "Media Player" input and switched it over to the "Video". Not sure why, but that did the trick. So now I can stream music to my Sonos and if I want to run it through my tower, I just change the input on the receiver to "Video" and it pipes it out for me.

So now I have it setup to do everything I want. To answer your last question...I DO have a DVD Player and a PS4 hooked into the receiver, but I can't get the audio on the Sonos. The only reason my cable is working is because I'm pulling the audio directly from the Genie and skipping the receiver. I would recommend trying what Melvimbe said above. I have never needed to run PS4 or DVD sound out to my patio. I mostly go out there to relax with a drink and a cigar...and I'm usually not playing the PS4 or watching a movie. I can foresee a time, as I add on to the system, where this will be limiting. At that time, I think I will need to use that splitter and go from the TV to the Connect instead of directly from the Genie. BUT...for me...for's working like I need it to. As I grow the system I may find the need to change it up a bit.
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Greg, glad to see it's working for you. I completely understand how you're satisfying with only the direct tv going out to the sonos system. My setup is kinda similar (except it's audio and video), in that I only send out the cable, not too concerned about the Blu-ray or firetv going out there.

Eddie, I can understand how you might lose some formats when running through the tv first. Forgot about that. I believe eArc is supposed to fix that issue. It sounds like you have two options you want to try now. Hope one of them works for you.
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Great news guys, good to see it work ! @ Melvimbe: indeed, TV signal might not be the issue but playing from my Kodi player in all possible DTS/Dolby signal will be someting different I`m affraid.
I went ahead and ordered the splitter anyway. The more I thought about it, the more I'd like to have Sonos for my DVD player and PS4. I don't have the speakers yet, but eventually I'd like to add some surround sound in my house. And...this sounds nerdy as wife and I are HUGE tennis fans. I pre-ordered World Tour Tennis for PS4...comes out on Monday. I'd love to have the surround sound for the game to get the crowd noise and all that. I think it would be fun as I'm kicking my wife's butt up and down the court!

I think that's going to be the answer everything into the receiver. As I come out of the receiver, run it into the splitter and then continue the HDMI to the TV and run the audio to the Connect. That should do the trick...and then every component that I have running into the receiver will be able to run through the Sonos. It sounds like that's going to be your answer, too, Eddie. And then one I ordered was only $25 on Amazon. Seems like a good investment if it solves all my problems.
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Yep, happy to hear some feedback once you have it installed Greg. Btw, not sure what splitter model you ordered in the end, but I was just looking in more detail to the one from your earlier post. It filters out Dolby, DTS, Stereo, so should do the job but does not support ARC so I think your TV sound will not be returned to your receiver via HDMI (in case you use this), just to be aware.
What's up, fellas! I never did take the time to get back out here and let you know about the setup. When we left off, I had purchased that splitter but hadn't had a chance to install it. I had gotten the Sonos speakers to play the TV sound by running RCA cables directly from the cable box over to my Sonos Connect. But that only solved the problem of cable sound...but not things like DVD and PS4, etc. So FINALLY...this past weekend...I ran the signal from the receiver to the splitter, then ran the HDMI on to the TV and the RCA over to the everything now should be going out to the Connect and my Sonos speakers.

Doesn't work.

I didn't spend a ton of time on it trying to make it work. Best I can figure is that coming out from the receiver, all it's sending through the HDMI is the video signal...I don't think there's any sound signal(s) coming out from the receiver (except for the the wires going to the speakers). In fact...the output on the back of the receiver says "Monitor". I think that's a limiting label. Otherwise...wouldn't it just say "Signal Output" or something?

Anyway, that's where I am at. I just hooked it all back up the way I had it and it works for what I need it to. I watched the NBA and NHL Finals sitting on the back porch, smoking a cigar, and the sounds was perfect coming from my Sonos Play3. I never play PS4 from outside...and I can't honestly remember the last time I used my DVD for me, it works just fine.

It may become an issue though. I'm just about ready to cut the cord on cable. Bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick and I think I'm going to start streaming instead of going with DirecTV. Since the Fire TV is just an HDMI input and doesn't have any other cords, I'm thinking that's where the splitter will come into play. Plug the Fire TV into the splitter and then run the HDMI to the receiver and the RCA to the Connect. I imagine that will solve the problem. It's just frustrating that my receiver doesn't seem to send out an audio signal. Once I get rid of the cable boxes I might try and play around with it some more and see if I can figure it out. Might require a phone call to Denon support...and it may end up just not being possible at all.

But I wanted to get back in here and give you an update of my progress. Hope this helps you with your setup...

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Thanks for update Greg; I agree there is obviously no simple solution to get receiver sound out to the Sonos speakers.


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