TV remote control entire group of speakers

  • 3 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Please fix this! We have a Playbar by the tv and a few other Sonos speakers grouped and placed around our living room. DISH TV remote volume control only works with Playbar. It is very frustrating to have to open the Sonos app on my phone every time I need to adjust the volume! Remote should work for the whole group. Is there a fix in the works??

2 replies

Dear Sonos, can we please have a response to this popular request? If it’s technically not feasible for Sonos to implement, please say. If it’s something Sonos is considering for an upcoming update, please confirm.

Please say something. We, the loyal customers, deserve a response.

There have been various posts on Sonos forums asking about TV remote controlling a Sonos group for over 24 months now......

Thanks in advance.
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I can't recall ever seeing this requested, but here is one solution:


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