TV Not Supporting 5.1 Thru Optical

  • 6 October 2018
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I just purchased the Playbar, and 2 - Play: 1’s for my surround sound. I have a 4K TV, Xbox one X and PS4 Pro, all running HDMI into the TV. Optical cable from TV to the Playbar. The Playbar is showing only stereo signal, I have a feeling the TV I have does not support 5.1 Output through optical. When I plugged the optical from the Playbar into the One X, it switched to 5.1. Is there any way for me to wire this so I can use the PS4 as well with 5.1 without switching optical cables every time. Please Advise, Thanks!

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5 replies

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What TV specifically? My Samsung needed an EDID Faker to emit 5.1, my LG required a "secret" service menu (had to buy a special remote to do it).
It is a Hitachi
I was thinking maybe an external HDMI switcher
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Hi I had same issue with my LG tv so I used and external HDMI/OPTICAL switch pic attached cost me £15 works fantastically well. As long as the signal is being transmitted in 5.1 ie some stuff on amazon for instance is only stereo
Hope this helps

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This is what I used on my Samsung. I previously tried a switcher but I found it too inconvenient.