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  • 29 November 2021
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Is their no other way to pair play 1’s with a smart tv, other than taking the tv digital output into a connect/or similar then pairing that to the play 1’s. Thank you in advance. 


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No, unfortunately not. The only devices that Sonos makes that can be “attached” to a TV is the Beam, the Arc, and the Amp. Your PLAY:1s could be bonded to any of those to work as surround speakers, though. 

I have a Sonos Playbase connected to a TV by an Optical link and it works fine.

The PLAYBASE is no longer manufactured, I kept my post to only currently manufactured devices. 

If you want to talk about no longer manufactured devices, you should include the PLAYBAR, and the RCA connection to the analog input of the CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP, as well as the Sonos FIve/PLAY:5s, all of which have an unacceptable for this use analog input delay of a minimum of 75ms.

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And the digital connections on a Connect and it's successor the Port are for output, not input.