TV doesn't have Optical output

Philips TV doesn't have an optical output so i can't get the SONOS system to work through the TV. Sonos tech support recommended that I purchase a Monoprice 4x1 HDMI switch and i have no idea how to use it to where i can get the Sonos to work through the TV sound.
Can someone please help me work this out?

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Take the HDMI cables from all the things you currently have plugged in to your TV, and plug them in to the back of that device. Those inputs are labeled input 2, input 3, and input 4. Take a new HDMI cable, and connect it to the port labeled output, and connect that to your TV. The plug the optical cable in to the port labeled Toslink, and the other end into the PLAYBASE.
I am facing the same issue. I bought the Monoprice which was recommended and did all the connections as mentioned by Airgetlam but Sonos playbar keeps complaining about no signal from TV. I just can't get it to work :( Sonos Support or anyone please help !
I bought this for reference.
For all practical purposes, the PLAYBAR is a "dumb" speaker. It only plays sound that is sent to it, although it can only handle either Dolby Digital signals, or stereo signals.

I'd be checking the sources that you have connected to the Monoprice device, to see if their audio settings are correctly set to Dolby Digital, and not anything else, like Dolby Digital Plus, or DTS, or Atmos...only Dolby Digital.

And if there are any audio settings on that Monoprice device, make sure that it is also set to Dolby Digital.
Thanks. There are really no settings on my Sony Bravia TV and Monoprice has only one option to select 5.1 or 2 ch. no other settings anywhere. PLAYBAR works with my Sonos play one but just not with this tv. I have seen post from others that they had success using this switch but it’s just not working for me. Attaching a pic of switch connections too.
I see you have an HDMI cable connected to the output on the Monoprice device, but I don’t see any input HDMI cable. Am I missing something?
HDMI input is needed ? I thought the playbar optical cable is needed and hdmi output to tv is needed. Hdmi input would be for if I have other device right? Maybe I am missing something
HDMI out > TV
HDMI 1 & 2 < Cable box and DVD player
Optical out > PLAYBAR

But in this case I don’t have any input so I skipped second step . Missing something or should I connect my Apple TV as input ?
The extractor can't extract an audio signal if there's no input. An output doesn't count as an input. You need to have a device connected to the input of the HDMI switch/extractor, for it to be able to extract a signal. Then it would output a signal to the optical port, and a signal to your TV via the HDMI out port.
Good to know. Hooking up my apple tv to the input now. Will update
That should work. Make sure that you go in to the audio settings on the Apple TV and set it to Dolby Digital.
Thanks guys so some progress. Anything I play from Apple TV now works in sound bar but still if play anything in tv ( like dish programmer) the sound doesn’t transfer. May be I need to readd the player or am I missing some input connection from tv to the switch ?
Anything that doesn't get passed to the switch won't have sound. So anything that is generated by the TV itself. like antenna, or built in apps won't be passed to the switch to be split out and sent to the soundbar. Only sources that are connected to the HDMI in on the switches will have audio on the PLAYBAR.
Thanks ! Damn I wish everything that plays on tv could be played in sound bar :(
Yea, you'd need some sort of output from the TV. Like maybe an optical port.... :)

Or if the TV had an HDMI out, that would work, too.


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