TV and Sonos Issue

  • 21 June 2017
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hey all!

I plugged everything in and the Sonos works great with my iPhone, but not with my TV. I plugged in the optical line into the Sonos (yes the light is visible, so I know the TV is sending something over).

I tried to powercycle the playbar (I picked that up from the community as a suggestion) but no luck.

how do I begin to troubleshoot this? My diagnosis confirmation number is: 7515436.


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6 replies

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Did you set-up the Playbar through the controller and follow all the instructions?
Yes!, yes I did - so the sound works great when I play music, but there is no sound when I play my TV
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Well then.

Either the TV isn't outputting audio through the audio out (optical) - Check that the TV menu audio options are set to External speakers OR the TV is outputting an unrecognised audio format - I think this is less likely.

Also. Just sanity check your video source (if a STB eg) does NOT have the volume set at zero
I've bought 2 more optical cables and I'll test those out - if I cannot get it to work between 3 cables, then it's either a TV issue or a Playbar issue.

How do I get someone to rule out a playbar issue w.r.t to the playbar's optical input (considering the playbar does plays music from my iphone)?

Will the diagnosis code work in that case?
To rule out the playbar optical input as an issue, connect the optical cable to something other than your TV. Your cable set top box, or a DVD player. Make sure that they're appropriately set to output Dolby Digital or plain stereo, of course, but then the playbar should work. That will identify the issue as the TV, assuming it works.

The diagnosis will give the folks at Sonos a glimpse of the last 10 minutes or so of the log files that the Sonos app collects, with any errors and other errata included. It would tell them if there were a network issue, etc, but not reveal a hardware failure, for the most part. If, after testing, you still feel as though there's a hardware issue, you're best option would be to call in and talk to someone directly, you can find your region's numbers and hours at
Just to be sure, when you are attempting to listen to the TV, does the controller on the phone show that TV is the source, not music? There is a setting to have the PLAYBAR automatically switch to TV source when it senses something coming over the optical. If that isn't set, then you would need to manually change the source to TV when you want TV to be the source.