trueplay not available

  • 10 September 2019
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I have a 5 to 1 surround system with a playbase, sub and two rear speakers. When I access the room trueplay is not available. It is available for speakers that I have another rooms. Anybody have any idea why this is?

13 replies

What are the speakers that comprise your 5.1 room? For instance, if you have surrounds that are using a Sonos CONNECT:AMP to drive them, you wouldn't be able to use TruePlay for the room, as the Sonos knows nothing about the profile of the rear speakers.
Play base, sub and two play ones
That's interesting. And distressing.

I'd agree that a Sonos PLAYBASE, SUB, and two PLAY:1s should indeed be able to be TruePlay tuned.

What iOS device are you using to attempt to run the TruePlay on? Which version of iOS is it running? Which version of the Sonos controller is it running?

All up to date. iPhone
Other room

Note the ? in the room name at the top? The Sonos system can't "find" the left surround speaker, so it's not letting you do a TruePlay process.

Try a power cycle of the left surround speaker, and see if it shows back up. Then, if that doesn't work, try a reboot of your router.
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EDIT: Airgetlam beat me to it...

It could be because on that screen shot your LS surround speaker is a "??" meaning it's not connected properly. A reboot on that unit and the right one should help.
Laugh. Just watchin' some football, and cookin' some dinner. Got spare cycles on my hands 🙂
OK, thanks to all for your help. I feel kind of stupid! My wife accidentally unplugged the one speaker and that’s why I couldn’t do it. It’s all set up correctly now
Hey, it happens. Don't feel stupid!

Glad it's working for you.
Now if we could only group our sonos speakers with the google home devices I have it would be fantastic
Laugh. Can’t help you with that one. And given the differing technologies around both streams, I think it’s unlikely to happen. Not to mention each company wants you to purchase their hardware, and not a competitors....