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Talking with a customer support agent last night sonos could see both of my apple time capsules. One is wired into a router, the other is acting as a wifi extender. Sonos was switching between the two causing dropouts. Don't use extenders on the wifi network you are using for sonos.

They also don't support plugin ethernet over power.
You can use extenders all you want, they just have to be on the same subnet (in other words, they must be configured as an extender with no DHCP enabled, not as a router). And some people use Ethernet over Power adapters with no problems, others have problems. It all depends on your electrical infrastructure, which is why Sonos does not support them.
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Have a look at your Sonos System

http://the IP of one of your Sonos products:1400/support/review
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An old post but if you have anything to add please do.


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