The Right TV for my Arc

  • 6 June 2022
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I need to know the required TV features to maximize our Arc.


We bought an Arc in 2020 and hooked it up to our TV, which is a Vizio E65-C3.


The Arc sounds amazing when I play music out of it.


It’s sounds meh when I play the TV. 


My suspicion is that the TV--purchased in 2015--is outdated for the Arc.


We are moving and getting a new TV. So I can correct this problem...I think?!


I called Sonos tech to find out ask which required features are needed on a new TV. Sorry, that was a total waste of time. This tech person was really just a call agent. 


I am hoping that a Sonos tech expert on here can help: As I shop for a new TV, what are the required features I need? In my research I’m seeing conflicting info from customers.


Thank You!






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What does the Sonos app say you about the format your TV is delivering to the Arc?


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@rodmf Under your TV’s audio settings, make sure you have the Digital Audio Out setting set to Bitstream, not PCM. This setting will hopefully allow you to get Dolby Digital 5.1 audio playing out of the Arc from most multichannel sources.

If you are looking for a new TV, the most important feature for the TV to have is HDMI eARC. This will allow you to get the highest quality audio to play out of the Arc no matter what your source is.

I would also avoid Samsung TVs since they seem to have the most issues with the Arc. Stick with LG or Sony.