TC7200 workaround with WLAN Bridge

  • 20 November 2016
  • 1 reply


as I have painfully figured out the Technicolor TC7200 will just kill the connectivity to my Sonos system. Is there a chance to put the old WLAN bridge between TC router and Sonos to solve this issue?



1 reply

The TC7200U is incompatible according to, but it's not clear why. Some of the devices in that list only cause trouble if Sonos devices are wired to multiple ports.

Is your system currently attempting to connect in WiFi mode (Standard Setup)? A WLAN bridge, wired to a Sonos component, will put the system into SonosNet mode (BOOST Setup). This means you'll need to take care that SonosNet and WiFi are at least 5 channels apart.

You might also experience problems with controllers staying connected, as some wireless bridges convert the MAC addresses of attached devices to virtual MACs. You'd have to see how it works out.


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