Systemline modular and Sonos

Hi All

I currently have a systemline modular home audio system, with the main aux1 for the whole house linked to a iport dock. I want to upgrade the iport dock and wondered if the sonos connect would do the trick. The iport is connected to the systemline via only a Ethernet cable, so it is providing the audio and power connection.

Rather than recalling, can the Ethernet connection on the sonos connect, carry the audio signal to the hub for distribution or is it for internet only, or will I need a balun to covert the audio jack signal to cat5.

Many thanks

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No idea what the systemline is, but the ethernet connection on the Connect is for ethernet. It does carry ethernet data that is music, but is not a "music" feed. i.e. you need a Sonos device at the other end to Play music on. For all practical purposes, it's ethernet only.


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