Switch Sonos to new Wifi network without Ethernet

  • 25 January 2018
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I moved to a new flat, where I don't have access to WiFi router, as the network is provided by the building management. My question is how do I setup my two Sonos 1 speakers there?

According to this you need Ethernet cable, but obviously it is not an option in my case.

How do I tell Sonos system to switch to new network, without having physical access to router?

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4 replies

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Will a "factory reset" work? (Like in

You can factory reset one Sonos unit, then go through the initial setup process. Once connected, you can add in each of your other Sonos units without having to factory reset them.
Will a "factory reset" work? (Like in
You have to reset everything and standard set up. For every device. It’s ridiculous.
For this matter alone I would not recommend. This has been an issue for years. They’ve never bothered to acknowledge it
Pretty hard to do. In your case, I'd probably recommend one of two things, depending on whether they provide an ethernet port for you to plug in to or not. If they do, just set up your own wifi router, and connect it to the port they provide. That way, you can plug in your speakers to set them up for your own wifi (or even just set up your wifi to match the old one and they'll just work).

if there's no plug, or there's some sort of sign in before you can be connected, I'd recommend a travel router. I've used one in a hotel to create both a connection to the hotel's wifi and create my own firewalled network to connect my Sonos to. Worked quite well, with only a minimum investment for a travel router that allowed me to connect via ethernet when required.

Of course, you could always take your Sonos speakers to a friend's house, and connect them to his/her router, and set them up with the wifi credentials for your new flat, if it doesn't have a sign-in page.