Surround Sound Set Up

  • 21 November 2020
  • 5 replies

I have a room with IN ceiling speakers and Center. I want to use 1 amp for the fronts and center connected to HDMI Arc. There will also be a turntable attached to this amp and a sub. I want to use a 2nd amp for rear speakers and a 3rd for the kitchen. Will this work with 3 amps?

5 replies

No. There is no Sonos solution to drive a third party center speaker.

What’s the beat way to set it up. I only want to use the amps?

Forget the center speaker. Use one Amp for the front right and front left speakers, it will create a faux center speaker by mixing a signal to the left and right. That Amp’s analog input and subwoofer output will be active.

Set up the second Amp to drive the rear speakers, but the subwoofer output and analog input will be turned off, since it is driving the surround speakers. 

The third Amp can be used to drive any other pair of speakers you want, but it can not be part of the home theater ‘room’ that the other two Amps constitute. Since that Amp is not driving surround speaker, its subwoofer output and analog input will be available. 

Will I still be able to air play from my phone to all amps if I want to listen to music on all the amps?

Yes, the Sonos Amp is AirPlay 2 capable. Once a source is in to the Sonos ecosystem, any ‘room’ can be grouped with the source ‘room’ so that you can have them all play in sync.