Sub does not connect

I need help connecting my sub with my tv (soundbar)

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OK, you've followed the instructions, using the app, correct? Where are you failing? What kind of router do you have? What device are you running the controller app on? What error are you getting when it fails? Is the PLAYBAR working without the SUB?
I was listening to Coachella and all of a sudden my sub went out and I can not link it back up. HELP!!!
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try plugging it into your router via Ethernet cable. Does it show back up then? If it does go into settings...advanced...wifi setup and redo the wizard.
Plug in my sub or my play bar to the Ethernet? I will try that but I have had the set up with out plugging it in to the Ethernet and worked fine and all of a sudden the sub went out. The light flashes on the back white and/or it goes solid white. I'm thinking I will reset the sub and the play at and see what that does.


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