Still connected to wifi, though boost through play one

  • 12 August 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a Ubiquiti UniFi network, therefore have good visibility over whats going on on my network. I had all Sonos Speakers connected to WiFi until yesterday when I wired one of my play ones into the switch.

I can confirm WM:0 on this device, however my other 3 are all still showing as connected to my WiFi, and are showing WM:1 on status.

In the app, when going to wifi setup, theres no reset, and its asking me which network to connect to.

I dont see where to clear them. If I block them from connecting to the wifi through UniFi, then they stop playing, so they are definately using my wifi.

Also the network matrix is not showing any coloured blocks on the right, which suggests sonosnet is not working at all.

2 replies

Devices can get 'stuck' on WiFi (WM:1). Try power-cycling them. If that doesn't help, try temporarily wiring them.

You won't be able to clear (reset) the WiFi details from the system until all live devices are WM:0.

(The nuclear option is factory reset of the troublesome devices. So long as one player is not reset you won't lose any settings.)
Hey @ratty

Thanks, for anyone else reading, I had to factory reset and re-add in order to get them to WM:0

No amount of rebooting etc would change from WM:1

Seems pretty stable now (so far)