Soundbar problems

  • 12 July 2018
  • 5 replies

I want to hook up a Sonos sound bar but only have one infrared port that is currently being used by Apple TV. What are some workarounds that I can put both products into play.

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5 replies

I'm confused. The Apple TV (older version) has an optical output. Your TV should also have an optical output, and not, generally speaking, an optical input.

I am wondering if perhaps you have both the output of the TV and the output of the Apple TV connected (and not doing anything), while the audio signal is being actually carried by your HDMI connection.

Try unplugging the end of the optical cable from the Apple TV, and connect it to the Soundbar.
I’ll give that a go. I do believe I have an output from appletv device going to input on back of tv
That would indeed be odd. Most TV's don't have an input (or maybe some older ones do, as part of an input that might be used to hook up a camcorder?). But generally speaking, the audio signal is carried by HDMI from the Apple TV to your TV set. Which is why Sonos uses the optical output on the TV to feed the soundbar. And it might be useful, if you run into difficulty, to let us know which soundbar you have, Sonos makes 3 of them, the PLAYBAR, the PLAYBASE, and the BEAM. The latter has more options that can be used for connection, if my suggestion doesn't pan out for you.
Thanks so much for your assistance. I will be back in town in 5 days and will work on your suggestions. I’m going to buy th beam.
Keep us posted, there are quite a few of us who read every post. Some of them work for Sonos....although I don't 🙂