Hi all I have a sound bar which is just under 3 years old, for the last 15 months it’s been sitting in the box that it came in in the loft due to house renovation. I unpacked this week an it has a high noise coming from it’s not done it prior to being packed away. It was moved in the car so I know it hasn’t been mistreated. I have Sonos 1 x3 sonos sound bar and sub I’m gutted that it’s now faulty, any ideas?

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Hi wrighty1981

Your best option is to contact Sonos to see if they have a solution or can maybe offer a replacement for a nominal fee. However, I'll ask this...was your loft climate controlled? Electronics don't react well to extreme temperature changes.

Good luck!
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Call Sonos on the phone, that is the best method if you think a replacement may be in order.

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