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I have all my various artists sorted by titles like 'Duran Duran - Rio' and all tagged Various in both artist and album.
The tracks are hereby sorted alphabetically. This works fine for me untill I add new tracks. The track place them selves at the bottom of the list and not mixed into the alphabetical order.
How comes?
How can I resort the tracks to restore the alphabetical order?


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I assume that you are using the Tracks view of the SONOS library index.

Check your track title tags for unexpected leading characters. For example, if the older track titles have a blank as the first character, they will sort higher than new tracks without the blank.
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thx. found the mistake
I have removed 'track' from all my various, but overlooked this when adding new song to the various album. So the track number '3' was placed at the buttom of the list as all the others were blank i 'track'.



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