Sony STR-dh190

  • 5 August 2022
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Hi there, I just bought a Sonos Port and while it works with my Sony STR-dh190, I need to understand how to power on the Amp’ through the Sonos App.    Is it a 12V cable that I need to connect the two together?   If so, what Port does it go into on my Amp?

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Best answer by ratty 5 August 2022, 14:37

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2 replies

From what I can see your Sony amp doesn’t have a 12V trigger port, so you’ll need to power the amp on separately, using either the remote or the front panel button. 

It does look like it has an Auto Standby facility, however, so it could be left to go to sleep when the Port’s output falls silent.

That helps ratty; thank you.  But unfortunately my Amp’ is in a different room so it’s not ideal :-(   Thanks anyway. Tony