Sonos wont connect to APs

I've had a new router, network switch, patch panel and APs installed at home and now I cant use my exisitng Sonos system. I can sometimes get one or two to connect but not all of them. Its as though the are connecting to different APs as separate networks. I can find all devices when I do an IP and MAC search so they are definitely connected to the same network. I have updated and reset Sonos controller and turned off all devices and turned back on. The system will not create the mini Sonos network in order to set up. Ideas please, I've had two weeks of misery.

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Hi, birdhamboy. Welcome to the community. Using multiple access points can sometimes cause inconsistency on your controllers. It might be worth reading into the possibility of a Sonosnet configuration. This way all speakers will ignore the AP's and only talk to the device cabled by Ethernet. Be sure to post back here if anything is unclear.


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