SONOS SUB in an apartment.

  • 27 November 2018
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Ok. So I just purchased the Sonos Sub for a Black Friday sale after reading on the reviews how it changes everything about the PlayBar. I have not picked it up yet, but I am interested on getting some setup tips since I do live in an upstairs apartment. I also think I may have to lay the sub horizontally under my TV stand, which would still have about 2 inches above the sub.

I've read many threads about apartments and subs, but awhile back I had a Bose sub and I turned the volume just on the sub down to still get the depth I want in music, but not disturb my neighbors. For 5 years I never had a complaint and liked the depth of sound. Since I switched to the Sonos Playbar I did feel a certain depth was lost without a sub, which is why the Black Friday purchase. I do not listen to loud movies, I only listen to music like jazz, blues, and classic rock but also listen to TV. I never try to play it loud and I am always mindful. But I want to set up the Sonos sub so it is not a waste of $600 by turning it so low the sub is not doing its job, but I also don't want to disturb my neighbors. Is that possible?

Knowing all this, is there a certain setting I should use for the Sonos sub in an upstairs apartment? Any thoughts would be appreciated. How do you turn the volume down? Can it be tweaked for this type of situation? Is it still worth it?

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4 replies

Yes, there is a slider in the controller software that allows you to adjust the amount of SUB volume you're getting.

No, there's no "certain settings", you'll need to do some testing yourself. It might take you 10 minutes of listening, though 🙂 Pick a movie that has a lot of LFE, and then listen to some music, you'll find a happy medium.
Thanks I suppose I am worried about spending lots of money and not getting full use of it. In lower volumes is the Sonos Sub still impactful to the listening environment with the Playbar? Or must it be played at mid or high levels? And does lowering the volume on the sub change the bass output from the Playbar?
Yes, no, no.

In my experience. In fact Sonos has a "night" mode that changes the EQ for low level listening, which would appear as a "moon" on the controller bar when you're playing from your TV.
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I bought the sub after reading innumerable rave reviews.
I can't say that I'm overwhelmed. The bass is there, but not worth the money. the Play 5 I bought at 30% less than the sub, sounds way better. I regret the purchase, it looks great, but doesn't seem to have value for money (IMO- I know there are legions here who swear by the sub, but my experience with it is this),

I don't hear any better sound because of the bass being piped to the sub freeing up my beam and ones, The bass is just bass, there is nothing special and, to be honest, I waaaay prefer the bass from my play 5
So, IMO, don't waste your cash on the sub,
if you can try and return it- I can't- get it , try it and return it if you feel the way I do.