Sonos playbar is DEAD. Google account/signin required for upgrade under Android, Google is a security hole where the devil sleeps.

  • 12 September 2019
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Part 1
I have Sonos playbar turned up volume for music, then I select a video input and the volume goes ear splitting.
It takes a minute to fire off android and then sonos app to get to the volume control.
During that minute the neighborhood is getting blasted as are my ears.

It's faster to stand up walk across the room and manually push playbar manual buttons.

Is there no other way to change the volume. Is there no dedicated remote of some type.

Part 2
Now Sonos app will not work. It insists on doing an upgrade before it will run.
To upgrade it seems android forces a google signin even when using the amazon play store for download.
Sonos Support spent an hour trying multiple uninstalls and reinstalls. All failed. Continually said, It's not our fault; forgetting that they force you to do the upgrade or they kill the app.

Part 3
Sonos support tells me I have no choice but to turn over my life's data to google and get an account. Otherwise get used to walking to manually change the volume.

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3 replies

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Buy an iOS device if you really don't want Google. I mean you are using Android which is owned by Google🙄
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Knowing what will happen, turn the volume down first, and then select video?
Your TV remote can be programmed to control the Playbar’s volume.