Sonos Playbar in connection with Sonos One?

  • 2 July 2018
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Hey everybody :)

Total newbie here, looking for an answer in relation to connecting the Sonos Playbar with the Sonos One:

I am thinking of buying an Echo Dot and pairing it with Sonos One for my kitchen and a Sonos Playbar for my television in the living room. However, I was wondering if I am able to play simultaneously on the Playbar and One without having the television turned on? In other words, can the Playbar function separately, in synchronization with the One as well as functioning as a speaker for the television?

Thanks for the help!

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Best answer by ShortyDK 2 July 2018, 09:03

Ohh boy, guess I jumped the gun on this one - after a bit of searching I found the answer in a previous thread:

Sorry 🙂
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5 replies

Ohh boy, guess I jumped the gun on this one - after a bit of searching I found the answer in a previous thread:

Sorry 🙂
ShortyDK, a couple things that weren't mentioned in the thread you linked...

You don't need an echo dot for your scenario. That is to say that you wouldn't (and currently can't) pair an echo dot with the Sonos One. The Sonos One has Alexa built in, so you can make request directly to the Sonos One, including playing music on the One, on the Playbar, or both at the same time. If your kitchen and Living room are actually separate rooms, not an open concept home, then you might want the dot to put in your living room. You could then tell the dot ...'Alexa, play XXX on YYYY'...where YYYY is living room or kitchen.

There may be a day where you can pair a dot with a Sonos speaker, so you don't have to specify the room name, but that's not currently available and not promised as far as I know.

Also, the thread you mention referred to a pair of Sonos Ones, possibly as surround sound speakers. Since you are only talking about getting one Sonos One, using it as a surround speaker isn't an option for you. Again, really only matters if your kitchen and living room are part of one large living space.
Hey melvimbe. Thanks for the response 🙂 Cool, I had no idea Alexa was built into the Sonos One! However, that prompts another question; I was expecting to install Philips Hue lights in my house and have them be controlled through Alexa - can the Alexa in the Sonos One control those?

My living room and kitchen are together in one, so I think I'll put the Sonos One in the kitchen.
The Sonos One can do almost all of the functions that an echo dot can do, including smart home features like controlling Hue lights. The main exception is in the calling features.

One last thing, you most likely will not want to group the Sonos One and playbar together for tv audio. When the playbar is playing tv audio, there is no buffer so that the audio and video are in sync. The Sonos One will be a little behind the playbar in this scenario and create an echo effect. When playing a music source, not coming from the tv, the One and Playbar will be in sync with no issues.

I didn't mention the above earlier as again, it really only matters if your Sonos One and Playbar are in the same living space.
Just as an additional note, I'm pretty sure that the HUE lights will still need their own controller puck. As I recall, the Sonos doesn't have the same variety of antennas in it as an Amazon device does, so the lights still need a device.

FWIW, I control my HUE lights all the time using voice, either through my Sonos Ones or my Amazon Echos.