Sonos Playbar and Play:1s

  • 23 February 2021
  • 1 reply


Can someone possibly help me please?

i have a playbar gen1 and soon to get 2 play 1s gen 1

can I have the playbar and the play 1s to play movies in surround, then have the play 1s only to stream music to from Spotify and NOT the playbar?

Thank you



1 reply

Yes, but not easily. Bonding the speakers as surround speakers is designed to be semi-permanent. You can, if you choose, un-bond them every time you play music, but it is a lot of keystrokes, and you lose any potential TruePlay tuning you may have done when you alter the ‘room’ set up.

Most people just choose to use the settings for the surrounds in the PLAYBAR’s room to put them as ‘full’ rather than ‘ambient’ for music playback, and then adjust the volume difference between the surrounds and PLAYBAR for music to be as great as possible. It doesn’t turn off the PLAYBAR, but it does emphasize the stereo surrounds.