Sonos Play 5 cannot connect on HomeKit

  • 22 February 2021
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Hi guys. I’m unable to add my Sonos play 5 (v2) to Home app or Sonos app. I’m tried resetting so many times and always errors. 


Best answer by GuitarSuperstar 23 February 2021, 07:38

I would try the phone number listed for Singapore - 800-852-6105

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8 replies

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Have you tried rebooting your router? Can you connect the Play:5 to your router with an ethernet cable?

I’ll explain you in details, I didn’t use play5 more than a month. Unable to connect AirPlay when I use Spotify yesterday on iPhone.. So I tried to reset on play5, router and my phone as well. I used Sonos V2 app. Showing unexpected error occur when I add play5 on Sonos app. Not showing play5 when I add accessories on apple HomeKit. Same error when I plug Ethernet cable. 

Please see attached screenshot for the errors. 


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I think you need to contact Sonos Support:

BTW, what model is your router?

Router is huawei and wifi is Nokia 

How to contact sonos support? I'm live in Singapore. There is no clear info to contact support. I saw support line ph number and their ceo email address. I'm not sure is it a good idea to email ceo. Will he entertain my emails? 😬

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I would try the phone number listed for Singapore - 800-852-6105

Sure mate. Really appreciate your help. Thank you