Sonos Play:1 and Google Home Mini

hello - I have just bought Sonos Play:1 expecting to use it with my Google Home mini and it can only link to Alexa? Alexa doesn't work as well as google home so I was hoping for a way to connect Sonos with Google home. Can this be done? Please answer in layman's terms, I have no idea about technology! If we're not able to do this, do you know a good speaker that works with Google?

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The Sonos One does not yet link to Google Home. Evidently Sonos are working on it but there is no expected date. At present there is no simple way round this but I believe there is a solution utilizing a Google Chromecast.

Here is the Sonos Support page on the subject:-
The Chromecast solutions needs a Sonos unit with line in jacks; it will not work with play 1/Sonos One that do not have these jacks. On the other hand, the Google Mini + Chromecast solution works with any amp or powered speaker, even ones that do not have wireless, but have the line in jacks.


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