Sonos Play 1 and 2 iPhones

  • 22 March 2017
  • 7 replies

I have just bought and installed Sonos Play 1 and connected it to my iPhone successfully.
How can I connect my wife's iPhone to it so she can listen to her music when I am not around?
Is it just a case of installing the app on her phone and then following the same setup steps or is there something different as the Play 1 is now connected to our home wifi?

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7 replies

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Listening to music from a phone is not the best way to use the speaker. You can tell the speaker where your music library is and listen to it direct. As you have an iPhone, is your music library on iTunes? If so, link the Sonos system to iTunes and just listen to everything from there.
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Yes. Just download the app to you wife's phone.

As Legnum Nick sas ultimately your experience of using Sonos will be significantly enhanced if you put your music onto a storage device that isn't a phone. PC, Mac or NAS are ideas NAS being the most flexible plan as you won't need to switch your computer on to listen to your music.
Thanks for this - how do I connect to iTunes? I can't see it listed in the services.
Why would this be better than using my phone as the source?
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You don't "Connect to iTunes".

What you do is point Sonos to the location on your PC, Mac or NAS where your music files are stored.

If you play music stored on a phone and the phone's battery dies, your music stops. If you move the phone out of range of the network, the music stops. If your wife flushes your phone down the toilet, your music stops. Also, you will have a much larger space on a PC, Mac or NAS.
Instructions are here:
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I'm not an Apple user, so I am not familiar with any associated idiosyncrasies. All my music is on my PC, which is connected to my Google Play Music account. I have linked my Sonos system to my Google Play Music account and all of my music is available to Sonos, whether my phone is in the house or not, charged or not. Any controller of my Sonos can play the music I own that way.
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Yes, another GPM user🆒
We seem to be in the minority on here ;)
Just add the sonos app to your wifes phone. I think she will need your GPM login details for first time (can't remember exactly what we did). She can create her own named sonos saved queues.
Only one of you can access GPM at one time, so if she is using it at home with sonos, you can't use it at work on a pc, a GPM family account will.