Sonos One Placement

  • 18 November 2021
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I just got the Beam Gen 2 and I want to pair it with some Ones. The black line is my ear level when sitting down. It's about 4 1/2 ft to each side of the wall from the center. The ceiling is 8ft. Is it bad to put speakers in the corner?? The easiest solution would be to just put them on the night stand. Is that ideal?? I want to get the best Atmos experience I can. Any advice would help. Thanks

4 replies

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Try them on the nightstands as a starting point, then go to the black line and see if you like it better.

If you use TruePlay on your setup placement is a lot less critical.

Atmos sound is going to depend a lot more on your Beam placement than your rear speakers, going too high there is probably worse than too low. Trust your ears.

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You could have made the bed 🤣 (just kidding)


I have a similar set up in the room I am typing this from.


I used to have the Ones on the nightstands, but with items getting placed in their way it was not ideal for me.


so I raised them up, closer to the headboard in your picture.


but as @Stanley_4 mentions, TruePlay will tame them as I found them to be too loud until I performed TruePlay.


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You might also try using stands as shown in the link. Ideally the surrounds should be at 30 to 36 inches (height). Looks like that is the height of the black line or just slightly under. Using Trueplay; if you have an iPhone (or can borrow one), is a good idea as previously mentioned.

my two cents: the TruePlay feature has always helped me to adjust the sound experience at best for speaker placements that are not always perfectly ‘aligned’ - compared to the ‘legacy’ sound systems, you would need to sit always in the middle of the bed to be perfectly aligned between the two rear speakers and not move up or down :joy: