Sonos One AU version use in UK

  • 18 February 2019
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I’m about to order a couple of sonos one’s from TobyDeals UK, however they are selling the “AU version”, which I assume is Australian, my question is simply do these work fine and just the same in the UK? Or are there differences or possible problems I should be aware of?

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9 replies

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Others can confirm, but I assume the only difference would be the cable. if it's the Australian version, you could use an adaptor or buy the UK mains cable for £20 standard (or £15 for a shorter one or £25 for a longer one). You should check about warranty. I've seen the UK version of Sonos One on sale for £180 in the past with six years warranty.
I think the Sonos speakers are the same and they adapt to the local power supply. I believe the Australian power supply is the same as the UK 230v at 50hz. The only issue is that you may need the correct power cable, or an adapter, for the UK.
That’s both, sounds like it’s worth getting a couple given they are £160.99 rather than £199 everywhere else.
Appreciate your input.
Hi base, I'm currently pondering the same deal and would love to know how it pans out for you.
Hi Erik72, I’ve had a message back from the supplier after asking them what the difference is, all they have said is “sorry we only have the Australian versions in stock!” So no help at all! So not sure if they will work or what the difference actually is if anything apart from a plug. I’ll ask them again and let you know.
So the suppler has come back saying that some of the home connected features of the AU version will not work in the UK. Sounds like I’ll not be buying them then.
I'd suggest you check out some of the online reviews for that retailer.
Thanks for the update @base
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I'd suggest you check out some of the online reviews for that retailer.

Probably best avoided:(