Sonos Move - switching between networks

  • 13 July 2020
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I have 2 Sonos networks - one at work and one at home.

I recently purchased a Move on the assumption that it would be able to switch between the networks (as it claims to be able to remember 16 networks).

Set up at home and works fine - moved it to work, set up again all fine. But now whenever I move it to the other network, I have to ‘find missing product’ to re-attach it to the network which works OK but I have to re-enter the WiFi details every time.

Thought it would be a bit slicker than that.

Should it work better than this?


2 replies

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Sorry to say, no. There was a question about this yesterday in which Sonos explained why.

Edit: found it for you:

Fair enough - many thanks for the update