Sonos Move stereo pairing functionality

  • 5 October 2019
  • 4 replies

Hey, I’m wondering if someone can tell if this is possible...

I would like to buy a Sonos Move and pair it with my current Sonos One so that when the Move is docked, they are in a stereo grouping. As soon as the Move is undocked, I would like both speakers to automatically switch to mono (but still playing same music). Once redocked, both speakers should resume their stereo pairing. Is this possible? Thanks

4 replies

You can only stereo pair the same models. Ones can pair with Ones, Moves can pair with Moves, but a One cannot pair with a Move.
Thats rather unfortunate... what are people’s options of 2 Sonos in a stereo pair vs 2 Sonos in the same room, placed as if stereo but not stereo linked? I’m guessing the stereo pairing is a lot better?

It looks like for the same price I’m better served adding another One (for the stereo) + a Zipp 2 (for portable/bathroom use) to my collection rather than a Move, which is a shame since I’d rather stick with a single ecosystem...
Hi. Stereo is not always better. It is if you are sitting in the perfect position for 'serious' listening but not necessarily if you are moving around.

Grouping speakers with different sound profilea in the same room may sound odd.

And thankfully Sonos stops users stereo pairing two different speakers. Sometimes people need protecting from themaelves. 🙂

As an audiophile I thinking that is a week argument.  If I cared for to listen to high end audio I wouldn’t be playing music through a Sonos product.   However, I would love to play out stereo out of my move and play one and be able to make my own determination.