sonos home cinema not completely working on Samsung tv

  • 25 July 2022
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Hey guys


Today I bought a new tv, a Samsung Neo QLED 65QN92A. Before I had a Philips tv, and on it, I connected my Arc, sub and could use the 2 one SL to make a home cinema. On the Philips, I used a HDMI from the arc to the tv.


Today I tried installing the Sonos system on the Samsung. The arc is again connected to the (e-)arc HDMI port. The settings are also set to use the arc port.

The problem is that the Samsung tv only uses the arc and sub to produce the noise. The 2 one SLs I have to create the surround effect, are on, are connected, but don't make any sound. 

I have tried to remove and reinstall the whole Sonos system, it works completely when I use Spotify, but still not for the tv.

I tried the typical unplug and replug the HDMI port.

I reconnected the tv in the Sonos app, but in the app it only asks for the arc to connect.

The 2 one SLs are, just like the sub and arc, part of my system according to the Sonos app.


Edit: after using YouTube on the tv, the one SLs do work with the others. Just not when watching normal tv. I know not every program has the set up for surround sound, but with the last tv it made some noice with almost every tv program. And now it doesn't

Can someone help me?

Sorry for the long post🥔






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Make sure the HDMI Input Audio Format setting on your TV is set to Bitstream and the Digital Output Audio Format setting is set to Auto or Dolby Digital Plus. NOTE: If there is a Passthrough option, use this setting instead. Also be sure you are testing a 5.1 audio source.


I tried your option, but this specific tv doesn't have the audio input in the settings.only the output.

Thanks to the Samsung -support team, the solution is to put the format of digital output  (under settings -> audio - > expert settings) to PCM (so no auto of continuous). Then all Sonos boxes work again, and not only the arc and the sub.

Hope this might help someone in the future